Born in St-Henri-de-Taillon, Lac St-Jean, PQ, I made a teaching career both in elementary and High school. First in Saguenay, in Lac St-Jean, on the Côte-Nord, then in Quebec city, Montreal and lastly, in Haute-Gatineau.

            In the sixties, I took part in art summer camps, In Saguenay. In group creation workshops, I studied art and acquiered notions of colourism.

            Followed a long period where work and family took all of my time and care. Then, in the eighties, in Haute-Gatineau, I attended many art workshops led by Ms. Sylvie Grégoire, art painter.

            Only years later I experimented watercolour painting as an artistic expression means. For a few years, I worked with Ms. Rita Rodrigue, a well-known Outaouais artist, acknowledged in her region, in Canada and in foreign countries. Her workshops based on creativity gave me the impulse to explore a new aspect of art.

            When I retired from teaching, watercolour became of greater importance in my life. Newly freed time could be devoted to training. With Ms. Claire Labrosse, a watercolour artist from Gatineau , I went back to basis. Meeting and working with other watercolour artists, I gradually devoted myself to this art.

            I am now part of a group composed of artists and craftsmen of many trades... It brings me a lot!

            This WEB site gives me the opportunity to show you my work. Every day life, foreign trips and nature mainly are my source of inspiration. Though watercolour is hard to master, I am convinced that it still is accessible to all. One can create his own style. Technique is not a purpose but a means to be made one's own. This is what I try to do.

            I hope that some of my art will resonate and touch you... Enjoy the web site!